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Toomas Rull plays on Zildjian's © cymbals


Toomas Rull was born in Rapla county, Estonia on 11.01.1965, and started his musical education in 1973 with piano lessons at the Põltsamaa Childrens Music School. He was graduated in 1981.

The very same year Toomas entered the Georg Ots Music School in Tallinn and began his education on pop-jazz percussion instruments. His instructor at the aformentioned school was Andrus Vaht. Toomas graduated from Georg Ots Music School in 1985, after which he spent two months under Ed Thingpen at the "Tatabanya Jazz Camp" in Hungary.

From 1985 to 1992 Toomas have worked in Estonian Filharmonia. The very same time he was a percussion instructor at the Georg Ots Music School.
Since 1995, Toomas Rull have a `B` level endorsement for Zildjian cymbals. He is promoting the Zildjian name, and its products.

Toomas Rull released his first solo album "Rull's Royce - Rull's Choice" (RR001) in Eesti Raadio, Tallinn, recieving a nomination for the Estonian Grammy awards in 2002.

He's next solo album "Eesti Hääled"s soul may be found in modern club music. The album contains elements of funk, latin, cool jazz and etno jazz.

In 2007 Rull received the Jazz Award - The Best Jazz Artist, one of the most notable Jazz awards in Estonia.

Presently Toomas work as a studio musician, and he is a member of several jazz and rock groups, like: Rull`s Royce; Ultima Thule; Swing Sing Sextett; L`Dorado. TulliLum.
From 2003 he is a percussion instructor at the Georg Ots Music School. • gsm: +372 51 02730